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Maggie restaurant

Marguerite de Rochechouart ran the Montmartre convent with a masterful hand in the early 18th century. An iconic figure in the neighborhood, she is reincarnated in 2024 to take over the Rochechouart restaurant. In the heights of Paris, Marguerite and Maggie have nothing in common. Marguerite's sobriety and piety, Maggie's gabegie and madness.

‍Eachembodies her own den: Marguerite her convent, Maggie her brasserie.

À la carte

Maggie has decided to focus on a tasty, regressive menu that's all about sharing.

Starters are fun and shareable, dishes are comforting and desserts are very regressive. The menu adapts with the seasons, making you want to come back again and again...

At Maggie's, the feast is washed down with champagne(s) or natural bubbles, and the shoes come off to liven up, to dance, to celebrate.

Maggie's diner Restaurant
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Schedules and booking

‍The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 11pm*.

*Closed for lunch unless privatized

55 boulevard de Rochechouart - 75009 PARIS

You can book below or by telephone on 01 42 81 99 10.


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Your events

For weddings, anniversaries, team dinners or special occasions, Maggie's team is ready to meet your needs. Whether for the rooftop or the restaurant, in part or in full, between the 9thand 18th, Maggie is the perfect place for your events!

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